Suicide Squad It was a breath of fresh air for the DC Extended Universe, which failed several times. Released during the pandemic, Warner Bros. opted for a simultaneous release in theaters and HBO Max. Although understandably it failed to save at the box office, it was received positively by public opinion and critics. This led us to the idea that continuation soon. But unfortunately now This is not in the plans of James Gunn.

We must remember that James Gunn was the director and producer Suicide Squad. In fact, it was also the famous director’s first DC job, and marked his later career. At the end of 2022 Gunn and Peter Safran became the heads of DC Studios.. From that point on, they had complete creative control over any future DC production.

The above, of course, gave hope to see a sequel Suicide Squad. After all, its chief architect is now the high command of DC Studios. Unfortunately, James Gunn is not going to continue this saga. At least not soon.

During an interview on a podcast inside of youwith Michael Rosenbaum, James Gunn was asked about the opportunity to see the new part Suicide Squad. The filmmaker got straight to the point and answered bluntly: “No.”.

James Gunn has no time for Suicide Squad 2

What are the reasons? James Gunn opened up and said that currently no time to work on a sequel Suicide Squad. His efforts are focused on righting the course of the DC Extended Universe, the new phase of which will begin with the premiere of Superman: Legacy in July 2025.

“Yes, we talked about it. [la nueva película de El Escuadrón Suicida]. But to be honest, I only have certain hours of the day to work on things. I had so much fun working in television that I think this is what I’m going to devote the next year of my life to,” said James Gunn.

The director is clearly referring to his recent work in peacemaker. Series about a charismatic character Suicide Squad, performed by John Cena, was a success on HBO Max. So it’s no surprise that James intends to delve deeper into this story. A second season has already been confirmed.

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After peacemakerJames Gunn will have to participate fully in Superman: Legacy, a film that he himself will direct, produce and write the screenplay. DC Studios confirmed this week that David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan will give birth to Clark Kent and Lois Lane, respectively.

So it seems that we’ll have to wait a long time to see the sequel Suicide Squad. James Gunn and his team have put together a roadmap of over a dozen productions to bring the DC Extended Universe back to life. However, the Harley Quinn and Company group is not targeted for this first phase of the restructuring.

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