HE telegram Confirmed it’s working on it. premium version, and the launch will take place in June. The information came from the platform commander Pavel Durov.

In a post on Messenger, Durov confirmed the launch of the novelty for this month and made statements about the existence of a premium version of Telegram. According to the application’s commander, the paid option will allow you to bring even more features to the messenger, which in its free version has already “exceeded” the competition.

“Many are asking us to push the existing boundaries even further, so we are looking for ways to allow you to go further,” explains Pavel Durov. “The problem here is that if we had to remove all caps for everyone, our server and traffic costs would become unmanageable and so the party would sadly be over for everyone.”

Telegram commander announced that the existing functions of the application will remain free, and more free functions will also come to the platform. In addition, some features of the premium version, such as stickers and large files, can be viewed by non-paying users.

Telegram Premium pricing and features

Telegram has yet to reveal the full list of features and price available in the paid version of the app. However, recent leaks from the app have already given an idea of ​​what’s new.

According to the information, Telegram Premium will cost $4.99/month, around R$24 at the current price. By paying the monthly fee, the user will have access to exclusive features of the app, such as sending files up to 4GB, unlimited file transfer speeds, more GIF support, and other new features.

Source: Tec Mundo

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