Cat body language is associated with two sets of signals. Some aim to bring people closer together, while others aim to increase the distance between the pet and its owner. You need to pay attention to all parts of the cat’s body and the speed at which it does something. For example, blinking slowly indicates that the cat is relaxed, while squinting rapidly indicates that the cat is afraid of something. In general, the more open a cat’s body position, the less stressed it is. If the cat lies on its back and shows its belly, it is definitely happy.

If you notice that the cat presses its limbs and tail to its body, hissing, meowing when you try to approach it, it is better to leave it alone. When the pet is upset, it is indicated by knocking over bowls of food and water, trying to escape, meowing frequently, walking back and forth, and frequently rubbing against objects.

In one study, scientists also found that the orientation of a cat’s head was related to the emotions it was experiencing. Thus, a look or turn of the head to the left indicated that the animal was afraid, while a look or turn of the head to the right indicated relief.

Source: Ferra

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