The Dutch company Lightyear announced the appointment of up to 500 employees and negotiation of contracts with hundreds of counterparties for the mass production of its Lightyear 0 electric car. This is a spacious four-door family sedan, the 5 sq. m. We have an akyao 6 60 kWh, which provides 625 to the course, which is 4% more than

The developers of Lightyear 0 sacrificed the speed qualities of radial efficiency – the electric car accelerates to 100 km / h in a long 10 seconds, and cannot go faster than 160 km / h. But it has an advantage, because thanks to the special profile and equipment of tires from Bridgestone, the drag coefficient of the car is only 0.19. What is consumed when driving at speeds up to 110 km / h is only 10.5 kWh per 100 km.

light year 0

As the creators of Lightyear 0 say, if you live in the area and travel less than 50 km a day – for example, to work and back – you will never be able to load your transport. Electric vehicles can drive up to 70 km from a solar battery – that is, for free. True, for this power source under the sun all day, but Lightyear 0 can always be recharged from a regular outlet and from a charging station.

Many popular materials were used in the interior, for example, rattan, recycled plastic, plant-based leather substitute. This is authorized to compensate for the hefty price tag of 250,000 euros for one copy. The company explains that it has only the first batch of 946 electric vehicles. If both BTs are successfully sold out, then mass production of the new model will begin in 2025, but for a modest 33,000

Source: Tech Cult

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