Even after his dismissal, sources revealed Border We think Sam Altman might still want to return to be OpenAI’s CEO. This is another episode in the soap opera that has turned into the departure of the manager, who is now hired by Microsoft, which took place on Friday (17).

According to the petition sent to the company’s Board of Directors, approximately 70% of OpenAI employees want the former CEO to return. If this did not happen, professionals threatened to switch to Microsoft.

Microsoft’s position is similar. The company wants to work with Altman under all circumstances. In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Satya Nadella strengthened his commitment to collaborating with OpenAI’s co-founder.

In any case, Sam Altman’s sudden departure disturbed Microsoft. In the same interview, Nadella said that “surprises are bad” and that the company will need some management changes.

Will Sam Altman return as CEO of OpenAI?

The story of Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI is still ongoing, and given the twists and turns, a lot can change from one moment to the next.

Currently, Sam Altman is in charge of the “new advanced AI research team” within Microsoft, one of OpenAI’s main investors. But what he’s working on is still a secret.

Altman reiterated on Twitter that he would continue to collaborate on OpenAI’s growth even if he doesn’t have a position at the firm. “Mine and Satya’s top priority [Nadella] It is to ensure that OpenAI continues to evolve. We are committed to providing our partners and customers with full continuity of operations,” the executive said.

“We have more unity, commitment, and focus than ever before. We will all be working together in one way or another, and I’m so excited,” Altman said in another tweet.

It is still very unclear which position Altman will occupy. But the truth is that this does not help improve OpenAI’s credibility and favors its competitors in the AI ​​industry.

Source: Tec Mundo

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