Most manufacturers of household appliances (including refrigerators) order compressors from other companies with narrow specialization. And the peculiarity of such orders is that they are carried out individually, based on materials, budget and some specific features. That is, the same manufacturer can receive orders to create compressors for both budget refrigerators and expensive models. This is one of the reasons why there is no point in looking at the brand of the compressor.

Another reason why the compressor brand does not play a special role is the inconsistency of refrigerator manufacturers. You will not find accurate information about the compressor in the specifications of the refrigerator model. Even within the same model, the layout may vary. And often these changes lead to cheaper prices.

However, there are now compressor manufacturers that still produce quality products. For example Hitachi, Matsushita, Sharp, ACC. However, these compressors are only found in mid-to-high cost refrigerators.

Source: Ferra

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