This year, the Coordination Center for .RU/.РФ domains announced that 43,910 malicious domain names were blocked. This result was achieved thanks to the Domain Patrol project, which involved 10 authorized organizations and 30 registrars. During 10 months, project members sent 44,871 requests to the Constitutional Court; This number is almost four times higher than a year ago.

The main emphasis was placed on combating phishing, which accounted for 89.1% of all messages. Of the national regions, .RU was found to be the most susceptible to fraud schemes (94%). The Cyrillic domain .РФ remains one of the most clean and unsuitable for scammers.

Domain Patrol launched in 2020 and is considered the internet equivalent of 911, providing users with a means to quickly communicate information about dangerous resources to threat experts.

Source: Ferra

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