For illustration, I needed a photograph of a road with a pedestrian crossing, but without people. That is, so deserted. Ideally, you just need to go and take a photo, but now there is so much snow that you can’t even see the zebras under the layer of dirty slush.

I was looking in the photo gallery of my iPhone, suddenly I once took pictures of the road (well, who doesn’t do that?)? And I found an autumn photo taken near the Belorussky railway station. I don’t even remember why, I took this picture, but it’s perfect: there is a road, there is a pedestrian crossing and there is no snow at all.

Only now people are walking along the passage. Many people. And erasing each figure in Photoshop takes a lot of time. But I need it without people. So what should we do?

And then I remembered one useful feature of the Photo application, which is on my iPhone. Yours has this too, but you most likely have no idea about it.

Now I’ll show you how to remove all moving objects from photos taken with an iPhone camera in two taps. The main thing is that the photo was taken in Live mode.

Objects will disappear in two… one…

The original photo from which I need to remove passers-by with zebra crossings.

I was lucky that I did not turn off the Live photo mode and pictures with people taken in this mode. That is, in fact, this is not a static photo, but a short two-second video.

Therefore, it is enough to change the Live settings from “Animations” on “Long exposure

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the Photos app

2. Select Live Photo

3. Click the word Live in the upper left corner

4. In the menu that appears, select “Long Exposure”.

Admire the result:

Magic Apple. If you don’t know what the original looks like, that’s quite acceptable. And most importantly, quickly.

Yes, it turned out not quite perfect, but only if you don’t compare it with the original. The resulting photo was ordered for people, no one noticed the catch. Only a lubricated car on the far side of the road in a turn can give the effect of a long exposure.

This way, you can not only collect any moving objects from Live photos, but also beautifully capture flowing water or clouds. The main thing is that such a result usually requires a camera, a tripod and patience, but on an iPhone you just need to double-tap on the screen.

Take advantage and don’t forget about the capabilities of your Apple smartphone.

Source: Iphones RU

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