The Ministry of Digital Development intends to invest about 25.2 billion rubles in the development of cybersecurity in Russia until 2030, Kommersant reports, citing materials for the Data Economy national project.

What to spend money on:

7.1 billion rubles: on the development of a new system for countering computer attacks “Multiskaner” based on GosSOPKA (state system for detecting, repelling and eliminating the consequences of computer attacks, monitoring by the FSB)

3.7 billion rubles: on the development of the state system “Antifrod” (countering fraudulent calls, Roskomnadzor) and “Anti-Phishing” (blocking fraudulent sites, Ministry of Digital Development)

2.4 billion rubles: external upper estimate of the security of GIS (state information systems) keys

12 billion rubles: on cybersecurity systems (cryptography, security measures, etc.)

The department wants that by 2030 all foreign means of protection will receive Russian analogues. The ministry told Kommersant that the project is still in progress, and the indicators may change.

The Informzashita company believes that in the current version, the project figures “look somewhat inflated” even taking into account accounting. And the commercial director of the Security Code, Fedor Dbar, said that financing does not guarantee any result. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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