The Great Leveler artificial intelligence assistant of the founder of the online platform Advengene for confirming nationality, Sergei Voropaev, successfully passed the test to obtain a doctor’s license in the United States. Voropaev told RB.RU about it.

Advengene founder Sergei Voropaev’s AI assistant passed the test for a doctor’s license in the US.

Great Leveler was founded in October 2023. The service offers highly personalized AI assistants. According to Sergei Voropaev, the project is a continuation of the startup studio Asilisk Business Builder.

There are currently three virtual assistants available on the Great Leveler website for different tasks. David Wilson is a robot with the skills of a co-CEO. He will suggest business ideas and help with product management. Great Leveler also features attorney Nathan Reynolds and physician Jordan Hayes.

The latest robot successfully passed tests to obtain a doctor’s license in the United States. USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination) directly evaluates knowledge, as well as sharpness of thinking and the ability to make decisions in complex situations.

Before the exam, the bot was tested under conditions of anonymity by more than a hundred doctors from the Medsi network. The test consists of several modules with sections. The bot answered questions with 78% to 93% accuracy in different sections.

“Unlike other AIs, we are inspired by the trial and error method of the human brain, use multiple LLM models at once, and test the increase in AI efficiency through the innovative Tree of Thought (ToT) technology” , explained Sergey Voropaev.

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A special feature of the bot is its specialization, it combines several medical areas, such as dentistry, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology and others.

In early 2023, startup Ansible Health conducted research on OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. He was also assigned to take the USMLE.


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Source: RB

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