Wildberries began hiding negative reviews on the product sheet that are not related to the product itself, for example, about the quality of the delivery point. These reviews are found using a special machine learning algorithm: they will no longer be displayed on the product listing and will affect your rating.

Wildberries began hiding negative reviews unrelated to the product.

Wildberries began using machine learning technologies to search for reviews on product cards that do not relate to the product itself. This was reported by the market’s press service.

“For example, the user is not satisfied with the work of the order collection point, and not with the product, in this case it is unfair to display such a review on the seller’s product page,” the press service noted.

These reviews will be hidden on the cards and will not affect the product rating or seller rating. Wildberries also justified the innovation by the fact that buyers do not always read the text of reviews, but simply scroll through them to follow the product rating.

Previously, Wildberries changed about 20 operating rules. These rules govern the relationship between the market, the seller and the buyer. In particular, the market can now only extend the delivery time of the goods upon agreement with the buyer.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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