An association of information companies will appear in Russia, which will develop standards for work in the market, interact with the authorities on the issue of paying taxes and eliminate the term “infogypsy” from circulation. Membership in the association is remunerated; Participation will improve the status of information entrepreneurs and gain the trust of customers.

An information business association will appear in Russia

Businessmen in the information sector will create the first association in Russia. This was reported by TASS, the details of participation in the project are indicated on its website.

The association will develop standards for work in the information business market and interact with authorities on the issue of paying taxes in the industry. The association also intends to withdraw the term “infogypsy” from circulation and replace it with “infocamera,” the organizers reported.

The project website states that membership in the association is “a proven mechanism for increasing client status and trust.” The Association will give its members the opportunity to register their card in the registry of information products published in the media and obtain the number of points necessary to participate in the annual qualification of information entrepreneurs.

The association’s website also says its members will be able to participate in quarterly conferences and receive legal support. The association’s first congress is scheduled for December 8.

Membership in the association is paid: 37.5 thousand rubles per quarter, or 120 thousand rubles per year with a one-time payment, according to the project website.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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