Windows 11 is testing a new power saving mode for laptops and desktops. The functionality was released to users enrolled in the Windows Insiders program in Build 26002.

According to Microsoft, this feature “extends and enhances battery saver mode”; It becomes an “easy way” to extend the autonomy of the device and reduce energy consumption in exchange for performance. This option is in the Quick Settings menu in the system tray.

economy mode can be activated manually or configured to activate automatically The moment when the battery reaches a certain percentage.

For laptops, the advantage is obvious: saving battery power and allowing the computer to stay on longer. For the desktop, the benefit of this would be to reduce power consumption, but it is unclear how much power will be saved.

Microsoft I didn’t go into detail about how the tool works.. The system explains that the feature “limits background activity” but does not emphasize how different this is from the already known economy mode.

How to enable the new power saving mode

The new feature is being rolled out to testers on the Windows Insider Canary Channel. In addition to the Quick Settings menu, this function can also be found in: Settings > System > Power.

Other new features of the update

In the same update, Microsoft also introduced other new features such as:

  • Improved the responsiveness of the Quick Settings menu in the System Tray;
  • VPN management has been made easier in the Quick Settings menu;
  • A new scan button for Wi-Fi networks has been added to the Quick Settings menu.

All news in the update No release date at this time.

Source: Tec Mundo

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