In mid-autumn, the fantasy series “The Magic Lot” was released on Okko, which received good reviews and high ratings from viewers.

The current rating on Kinopoisk is 8.1 points. Sound like success? No matter how it is!

Each episode of The Magic Lot features a different story centered around some magical evil. The series also develops the main plot related to the revival of the mythical Koshchei the Immortal.

This line length speaks to Koshchei’s commitment to creating a durable body, which adds an extra layer of intrigue.

Overall, The Magic Lot is an experimental project that tries to combine classic fairy tale motifs with elements of modern drama. However, despite the original design, the series literally faces problems at every turn in the plot, staging and acting.

We watched all the top four episodes and there was widespread recognition that the series did not live up to these expectations. But first things first.

Is this the new Night Watch? No

What the series is about: it is a mixture of modern Russian reality and elements of folk tales. The main storyline revolves around the main character Lyosha, a former policeman and sniper who struggles with alcohol addiction, and at the same time saves the world from fairy-tale uncleanness, working in an unusual police station.

Let’s start with the fact that in a scene with such a monument to the genre as “Night Watch”, the new product looks pale and unfinished. Where Night’s Watch offers a deep, layered world filled with metaphor and symbolism, The Magic Lot offers warm, even teenage perception of the fabulous.

The series brings traditional fairy tale characters to life with a modern twist. For example, Baba Yaga is depicted as a webcam model, the smaller one is presented in the image of a gopnik-ecologist, and the domestic one is represented in the image of a foul-mouthed gopnik.

Such sounds evoke different reactions in different categories. To hell with the deviation from the original images, it really looks fresh and fun. But the fact that every second character communicates rudely and constantly swears causes melancholy and hostility. It’s just unpleasant to watch and listen to.

Is The Magic Lot funny? No

The show’s humor is downright disappointing. Instead of the wit and subtlety that one would expect from a project of this scale, the viewer is provided with low-grade jokes that are more reminiscent of stand-up toilet humor.

One of the roles is played by Ilya Sobolev, who seems to have literally stormed off the stage after performing in his own stand-up comedy. His style is a symbiosis of vulgarity and toilet humor.

All this remindsbackdoor humor” As my friend said, what did you want from the hero from “Real Boys”? But does this series do it justice? Of course not. Despite the fabulousness of what is happening, the series is not suitable for viewing in normal mode, the series will irritate adults with obscenities, but I would simply prohibit watching it for teenagers. Don’t we have enough swearing youth on the streets?

Is there any great acting here? No

In the series, many wonderful actors appear on the screen of famous fairy-tale characters, giving them new life and a unique character. You look at the cast and it seems that it will be good and convincing. Here are Gosha Kutsenko, Tatyana Dogileva, Philip Yankovsky, Pavel Derevyanko and other wonderful actors.

But unfortunately, comedy show actors get to play the role while more experienced actors are limited to supporting roles. As a result, the look turned out to be a frankly unbalanced use of acting capabilities and the corresponding performance style.

Moreover, the invited children actually act out the production as if it were a children’s matinee. Very weak unconvincing. A special one, Sasha Petrov, who temporarily “replaces” the chief of police. Weak! I do not believe!

Does it have a bright, well-developed world concept and impressive graphics? No

The serial experiment brings freshness to the genre of fairy tale adaptations, combining elements of Russian folklore with modern ones, however, significant shortcomings are revealed in the implementation of this idea of ​​reality, especially in terms of graphics and the concept of the world.

The game world does not provide a complete understanding of how its rules function. As a result, the fairy-tale elements are both forced and artificial, representing an unnatural part of the game’s world.

Special effects are sometimes watched || | and unconvincing. No revelation. Compared to other modern TV shows that use CGI, The Magic Lot takes the cake with its visual effects.

You can only create an impressive work of make-up artists. There are no questions here, it turned out well. The makeup for the goblin turned out very cool.

Despite the promise of a unique fairytale and modernity, the series is not inventive. Instead, it seems like a collection of random ideas thrown together without clear goals or direction.

Final conclusion? You don’t have to watch

“The Magic Lot” turns out to be a project that does not live up to its hopes. Instead of an exciting immersion into the world of modern fairy tales with a Russian soul, we received a superficial, sometimes inappropriate presentation that has little to offer the viewer.

It was surprising to read some reviews about the bright and kind series OUR, about childish spontaneity, kindness and a “breath of fresh air.” Are you seriously? You, a child, swear here, and Sobolev constantly swears for no reason and jokes about defecation.

All this looks like an attempt by “Real Boys” to climb onto the walls of fairy tales and “New Watch”. You weren’t invited here. Get out!

Whether to watch or not is up to you, as always, to decide. For teenagers, this movie can be taken, but nothing more.

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