United Russia has brought to the State Duma several bills that will tighten the consequences of leaking national data. Andrei Turchak, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, spoke about this.

The amendments led to the emergence of new administrative articles and significantly increased penalties for information leakage.

The size of the fine will depend on the volume of the leak. The more data becomes publicly available, the more victims the company will encounter.

For crimes, a fine ranges from 800 thousand to 2 million rubles for individuals, and from 3 to 15 million for legal entities. Repeated violations can cost organizations millions of rubles (depending on revenue). Now the fine for legal entities is 100-300 thousand rubles.

It also provides for criminal penalties of up to 8 years in prison for those who export the data of Russian citizens abroad for their sale or transfer. If the leak could cause harm to human life and health, as well as safety violations, it could result in exposure to up to 10 years in prison. [Интерфакс]

Source: Iphones RU

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