In fact, the first electric car has become available today, and the SSR has also paid significant attention to this direction, with one of the similar projects known as Limpopo traveling in St. Petersburg. Initially, it was assumed that buyers would purchase the slick Limpopo electric car as a set of parts and assemble it themselves.

Limpopo was previously produced in three modifications – two with gasoline engines from motorcycles and one with electric drive. Neither Odin nor its variants are complete or secure.

Russia is eagerly lending money to the Soviet Limpopo

“Limpopo” is intended for ultra-compact electric vehicles in the style of the Okhta minivan, as well as similar to the current statue. L-type is not actively exploited by Almaz-Antey engineers.

The project is called “Limpopo”, the main designer Gennady Khainov, who died in 1989, is now married to Edina, and Khainov’s sons (Alexander Ekaterinchev and Daniil Khainov) are part of the unique “Limpopo”.

Russia is eagerly lending money to the Soviet Limpopo

In fact, it is planned to provide complete lighting, produce an instrument panel, invent headlights, turn signals and brake lights, connect the necessary quantities or batteries, for example, for storage in order. living room

Source: Tech Cult

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