Tinkoff has developed and launched a smart financial camera in the app. It recognizes both financial information and living beings, such as dogs and cats, the credit institution said in a statement.

Tinkoff taught a smart camera to recognize financial information and animals

The camera allows you to quickly make transfers and payments, scan details and phone numbers, support charitable foundations, and more.

The smart camera combines computer vision and natural language processing technologies; were developed by the Tinkoff Center for Artificial Intelligence Technologies.

What the smart camera can do in the release version:

  • Recognize bank details without QR code. Customers will not have to manually enter payment information;
  • Recognize phone number for transfer. The camera scans a phone number, including a handwritten one, to make a transfer through the Tinkoff app;
  • Pay using QR codes. The camera scans the QR code at store checkouts and online stores;
  • Recognize other objects in the frame, such as animals, and make payments related to them (you can transfer funds to a charitable fund for homeless animals).

Future plans for the development of a smart camera:

  • Ability to scan restaurant receipts to split the bill;
  • Ability to scan store receipts for refunds and pricing;
  • Recognize any QR code;
  • Scan plastic and handwritten bank cards.

You can use the smart camera on Android smartphones with Tinkoff mobile app version 6.18 and higher, as well as on iOS via the DocStorage app.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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