France’s Danone has not abandoned its plans to sell the Russian business, which is under the control of the Federal Property Management Agency, writes the Financial Times newspaper. According to sources, the former general director of Danone Russia, Charlie Cappetti, continues to perform part of his duties, and Ramzan Kadyrov’s nephew, appointed general director, Yakub Zakriev, occupies the position only nominally.

Danone subsidiary is led by former senior managers of the company – Financial Times

Previously, on July 19, Agriculture Minister Yakub Zakriev took over as CEO of Danone Russia. The company came under his management after Vladimir Putin signed a decree transferring the shares of Danone and Baltika, owned by foreign companies, to the temporary management of the Federal Property Management Agency.

As the Financial Times writes, the “new Chechen bosses” manage the company’s businesses only nominally, but in reality a number of key functions are performed by former CEO Charlie Cappetti.

The former CEO and other top managers of the company, both foreign and Russian, did not sever their ties with the Paris headquarters. They maintain close contacts with him to ensure the functioning of companies in Russia.

The newspaper’s sources say Zakriev appeared in the office only a few times. According to FT, in addition to Zakriev, the new board of directors also included three other “close associates of Kadyrov”: Chechnya’s former deputy agriculture minister, Ruslan Alisultanov, as well as two Kazan businessmen, Yakov Khachanyan and Mintimer Mingazov.

The newspaper, evaluating their activities, notes that the new top managers do business “without taking out weapons or anything like that.”

At the same time, the French company still plans to sell Russian assets. Before transferring the shares to the Federal Property Management Agency, the manufacturer decided on three potential buyers. Danone wanted to retain 25% of the Russian structure and grant the right to buy back.

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When new management was appointed, other potential buyers emerged.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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