NUST MISIS specialists approved a quantum process that includes eight superconductor-type qubits, which during testing showed high accuracy of switching – more. This is 95%. The new product was the last one in this section of the article, so we can buy it with high accuracy.

They are used by their manufacturers on the basis of an 8-qubit processor, whose accuracy in performing two-qubit calculations is significantly superior to the advanced 80-qubit solution from Rigetti, which is located on the number of cylinders in a conductor-type system.

This increase in the increase in its processor performance, as well as the higher accuracy of the calculation of operations associated with the expectation of a qubit reduction, is no less important than their total number. This occurs at the bottom of high speed systems.

An 8-qubit quantum processor appeared in Russia

These 8-cc ultra-high-pressure engines were completely redesigned by MIPT engineers, including the first center of the Russian Federation. Now specialists are expanding their development by adding qubits and further increasing the accuracy of calculations, and also create quantum communication channels between processors on a scalable scale. systems.

Source: Tech Cult

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