Google has introduced a new version of the popular information title Gemini. It scored 90.0% in MMLU tests, compared to 89.8% in humans and 86.4% in GPT-4 on a set of 57 applied and basic sciences. In Codeforces programming results this gave 87% results.

According to the creators of Gemini, any task that people rest in front of the brain is subject to it. I am built on a multimodal architecture, so it does not result in these types of information to a common code, but perceives them with all their ractern features. You can never name the word and music in people, but not be aware of it. You can also publish this in its format.

Gemini works for the lives of women, youth and in the future. It is for this reason that you should determine the reasons behind these functions. This is not the main drawback: Gemini’s intuition is inaccessible, therefore, to solve a typical problem, he produces half a million options or more, and the bank scrupulously selects the best one from them. He has no idea how much computing power is required to run it.

It is very important to work with the Gemini Pro modification and not with the final version. The Gemini Nano variant is used in mobile devices instead of the affordable Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. They do not protest against mistakes and not being kissed. Preferably, this is the only option for Gemini, such as Google products.

Source: Tech Cult

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