Apple CEO Tang Tang, who is responsible for design and “makes key decisions about our most important products,” will leave the company in February 2024. Since he oversaw the emergence of several key lines at once (iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods), two current staff will temporarily replace the senior manager.

Apple CEO Tang Tan to leave company – Bloomberg

Bloomberg was the first to report the news, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter. According to the publication, senior vice president of hardware development John Ternus will now report to iPhone product design chief Richard Digne (Tan’s “right-hand woman”) and Kate Bergeron, who previously worked on iPhone hardware development. Mac (will work specifically on the Apple Watch).

Apple has recently seen several executive departures from its engineering and product development divisions, leading to major restructurings and new appointments in the company’s senior ranks.

On December 7, Bloomberg reported the resignation of Apple Vice President Steve Hotteling, who oversaw the development of multi-touch display technologies, health sensors, Touch ID scanners and the Face ID interface.

Hotelling’s technologies, which appear in many patents, were used in almost all of the corporation’s products: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Vision Pro. He has also repeatedly represented Apple in litigation (for example, against Samsung and Masimo).

Now its leader, senior vice president of hardware technology Johnny Srouji, reports directly to Alan Gilchrist (who will be responsible for the direction of cameras and depth sensors) and Wei Chen (display technologies).

A few days later, the departure of two iconic senior managers was announced, whose functions are divided between several people. All this happens against the background of a forced update on the part of Apple: previously, the corporation was forced to abandon the proprietary Lightning port in favor of the standard USB-C; It also changed the materials for the Pro line of phones.

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The company is now in a period of actively replacing critical components with its own solutions, such as Apple M3 chips, microLED displays or a mobile modem.

Market experts believe that the departure of top executives at such a crucial time is both a “blow” for the company (the Hotelling and Tan teams are supposed to have had problems with new developments) and a demonstration of direction. taken for renewal (many aspects of the future iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc. will be developed by people with a new perspective).


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