Lawyers for the co-founder of the Russian IT company Yandex, Arkady Volozh, are trying before the European Union (EU) court to remove him from the sanctions list, Bloomberg reports.

Yandex co-founder Arkady Volozh tries to get sanctions lifted at EU court

Lawyer William July said Volozh no longer has legal control over Yandex and condemned Russia’s covert operation in Ukraine. In addition, Volozh has never been close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the defender claims.

In August 2023, the co-founder of Yandex distributed a letter expressing his disagreement with the special operation and explaining his departure from the company. Volozh explained that he has not lived in Russia since 2014 and that his story with Yandex ended in February 2022.

The President of the Russian Federation responded to this statement. Putin, during the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum, linked Volozh’s change of stance with the desire to live well in Israel and have good relations with local authorities.

On August 27, the Financial Times reported that the businessman had asked the EU to lift sanctions imposed on him in June 2022. Officials were supposed to consider the appeal in September.

On September 12, Bloomberg reported that the European Union will not lift sanctions against Volozh and that they will remain in effect for another six months.

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