Social network Instagram It continues to take steps to compete best with its big rivals like Snapchat and TikTok. The changes come to the short videos offered by the platform. reelsand there are changes that are important in almost all parts that are important in this type of creation.

Probably the most relevant change is the one regarding the maximum duration of this content, which is an important part of how creators show their work. Maximum in a short time will allow 90 seconds… something that will give them ample scope when it comes to dissemination when they decide to share something they’ve recorded. Obviously, this doesn’t reach 10-minute TikTok videos (though this option does battle Instagram posts with IGTV integrated, allowing for over an hour of videos).

The change makes sense, as there are many who request the Reels to be a little longer. Own space on the social network, and therefore, to promote them, a little more time was needed to show that the creators thought they would be liked by users of the social network. They may be a little underpowered, but it’s definitely a step up.

More news on Instagram Reels

And the truth is, what has changed is quite positive. For example, the possibility of using it in such content, interactive stickers previously only existed in Stories. So they will be able to make a survey; continue to show an interesting link; and even the possibility of floating emoji that will let users rate what they see. This is very interesting because it expands the possibilities in a very important way.

New options on Instagram Reels


But there is more positive news here, such as access. more sound options When creating reels. The fact is that the existing library on Instagram is expanding, and in addition, the platform will offer the possibility of importing audio or using the attached clip, which is located on the device itself. If we add to this that now improved templates Where it would be easier to integrate video and audio, the truth is, enforcement matters.

one last detail

Apart from everything mentioned, it should be added that it will now be possible to find one among the creation options that exist on Instagram. new font. This will expand the options for creators, yes, but this improvement falls short, because it is precisely in this section that the least choice is offered by the social network, and the usual thing is that there are those who want to include too much in what they want. publish the application to external applications. And apparently, that won’t change for now.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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