Under the command of the Tomsk police and ranks of drug dealers and organizations, there are synthesized nanocomposites that perform high-quality water purification from chemicals, various indicators of dyes and excellent, non-adsorbing heavy metal ions.

First of all, in the case of water containing the ion, it was approximately 80% adsorbed by this contaminant, which took no more than one minute.

When used, the composition contains Fe3O4 – oxide oxide, etc. Since the magnet is too strong, it is used in this way. The first one perfectly desorbs heavy metals, the second one is aimed at the discovery of water from biological and organic substances of European origin.

What are the benefits of graphene oxide nanocomposite? In addition, the properties of the nanocomposite can be used both in purification, because they are cheap and cheap, because they are not suitable for microelectronics.

Now TPU specialists and colleagues are considering the possibilities of using nanocomposites in filtration technology, analogues of which are presented in traditional household water supply filters. appointment.

Source: Tech Cult

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