Specialists of the Skolkovo Institute and Technologies, better known as Skoltech, in the government with regional cellular operators plan to prepare for commercial operation a domestic-made base station that continues to work with 5G networks over the next few years.

It was first talked about last year, and the demo area with data coverage showed that the use of 5G networks, of course, 4G networks, is already available on the campus of this institute.

One of the deputy heads of Skoltech said that for a long time, agreements between conflicts and violations of the main operating operators have already been concluded. It is expected that the first events in the 4G network will begin in the summer of 2023.

In addition, in the next five years, operators are exploring the size of 200,000, building in the 4G / LTE standard, pilot tests of 5G in large cities should be carried out by 2025 in Russia, although in the regions as an experiment they are already launched.

Source: Tech Cult

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