I have been using AirPods Pro for a year and a half, AirPods 3rd generation for several months. Prior to this, I had the very first AirPods, which “safely” died along with tightly glued batteries. In general, there is experience with Apple’s TWS.

Tried other fully wireless earphones but always came back to AirPods. Apple got really handy TWS, which are especially cool use in the ecosystem of the company’s equipment. It’s a pity, the quality of the music they all have still not very.

However, I managed to make the sound in my AirPods quite adequate. This set of tricks is suitable for any model.

1. Need to increase insulation through additional pads

For the first two generations of AirPods, you can even use foam ear pads from inexpensive earbuds.

Passive noise isolation, how tightly the headphones penetrate the auricle and how much external noise penetrates inside. The lower its conditional indicator, the worse the sound quality is, especially the low frequency range.

make the sound better it makes sense to increase passive noise isolation. For this, it is logical to use additional pads that are available for all AirPods models. The main thing is that with some headphones they fit in the case, otherwise it will be inconvenient.

Back in the days of the very first AirPods, we even found foam ambush from inexpensive Chinese wired earbuds. Along with them, Apple’s battery noise isolation has gone up along with the sound quality. But today there are even branded options.

2. AirPods Pro are better to use larger ear cushions

I installed the largest ear pads myself, and the music began to play much better

In the case of using AirPods Pro, the possibility of passive noise isolation is quite possible with the use of complete ear pads. It is important to choose those that, on the one hand, fit snugly in the ears and do not face on the outside.

After massive experiments with AirPods Pro, for example, he aimed at the largest complete ambushes. I like it the most. However, with them I feel even better wearing this model.

3. It makes no sense to focus on the headphone fit test

With smaller ear pads, the right earpiece also falls out of my ear stubbornly – some kind of bad fit

For AirPods Pro, Apple has a special test for selecting a large number of suitable ear cushions. But, as practice shows, it does not work for everyone. For me, for example, not with large ear pads, the right earpiece simply falls out of my ear.

What’s more, with the large ear pads that Apple gives inappropriate directions, the sound of the body seems less to me. But you need to understand that my preferences for performers are closer to electronics, so you’d better try.

But by itself I perceive 100%, in the end, I don’t see any sensations with an even counter. ANC with him is also no better.

💡 by the way, it’s hard to say exactly how the ANC technology in AirPods Pro is often found on sound quality. On the one hand, it suppresses some monotonous sounds, which is good. On the other hand, the sound with it becomes more “plastic”.

4. AirPods Pro have already come up with alternative ear cushions

Foam ear pads, in theory, will quickly take on an unpleasant appearance

To improve fit, increase the level of passive noise isolation and, as a result, sound quality, alternative ear cushions have already been invented for AirPods Pro. They are easily installed in place of the complete ones in a couple of seconds.

A good option is foam, as in a couple of photos above and below. They have a tighter contact with the auricle, they shrink when placed in the ear canal and circulated fullness of oneself all free space. In general, passive noise isolation is growing.

With foam ear cushions, as practice shows, AirPods Pro also sit better in the ears

There are plenty of different alternative ear pads for AirPods Pro on AliExpress and other sites. As soon as we have some new and interesting ones, we will write about them. While I want to try AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC*.

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* – if you have a search for what you want, order the model for AirPods Pro with a significant mount

5. It is worth increasing the sound quality, but it is better not to Lossless

It makes sense to use high quality, but there is absolutely no point in Lossless

There is absolutely no point in Lossless as a sound level. No iPhone, no other Apple equipment, no AirPods themselves, no models, no wireless codecs for music without playback, so the sound will not get much better.

However, there is definitely a difference in the quality of compressed music. Minimum bitrate usually cuts off the upper frequency rangewhich is well heard when collecting absolutely any models of completely wireless headphones.

For Apple Music, the sound quality is changed in Settings → Music → Sound Quality. For other services – inside their applications.

6. It is important not to lose sound quality during release

Usually arrival by cellular network

Yes, when choosing the sound quality, there was no increase in sound quality for broadcasting over a cellular network. In the standard it’s in the middle here. both in the case of Apple Music and other music services.

Obviously, in this case, the traffic consumption increases, but without this there will be no sound improvement.

7. All AirPods lack lows, we unscrew the equalizer

It usually uses its own proprietary equalizer.

Surprisingly, in any other headphones at lower frequencies, porridge usually forms. But AirPods are a completely different story. They start inclusion of any tracks is better are especially dynamic.

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8. Turn off any options for adjusting the volume of tracks.

Volume correction can cut off sound quality

Volume Correction reduces the volume of all tracks to the same level with using banal normalization, and also, it seems, a limiter. The latter cuts off all sounds that are louder than the average level of the track, which lowers the quality.

By and large, volume correction is needed only if you listen to tracks in completely different genres one after another. However, I have no idea who would do something like that. Usually in the same playlist the same genre.

You can turn off the volume correction in Apple Music using the item of the same name in the menu “Settings” → “Music”.

9. Spatial audio “blurs it” sound, turn off

Spatial Audio

Spatial audio creates an immersive effect that works great with video, but absolutely useless when listening to music. Moreover, it works very strangely in motion, and also in the event that you do not look at the source.

In general, audio detection technology through the “Control Center” is only worth watching movies.

10. Create audiograms and headphones in profile parameters.

Here it is a great opportunity to check the “fatigue” of your hearing after registering listening to music on headphones.

Through the menu “Settings” → “Accessibility” → “Audio imaging” → “Headphone adaptation” you can add a separate audiogram. This is a conditional “snapshot” of hearing, which will take into account all its nuances in each ear.

On my own audiogram of previous acquisition importance. It is quite possible to do this through the free application Mimi Hearing Test. The process is not particularly fast, so highlight it in 10 minutes. Headphones will play a little differently.

By the way, with the help of such applications, if you carefully pass the test, you will also be able to understand the state of your hearing.

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All the steps that will improve the sound in AirPods, in short:

We increase passive sound insulation to the maximum. To do this, you need the randomness of the ear pads so as not to let too much into your ears.

We improve the sound quality offline and bring it. It makes no sense to choose options for Lossless musical compositions, but a higher bitrate is better.

We twist the low frequency with the help of the equalizer. Bass boost has changed dramatically to dynamic genetic compositions.

Turn off the sound correction of musical compositions. Apparently, in addition to normalization, this feature is sometimes used as a limiter, which spoils the sound.

Opened from registering audio for music. This immersive feature is best left for video.

We create an audiogram profile for ourselves alone. Customization allows you to change the sound specifically to your preferences.

In general, of course, you need to understand that all AirPods, except for Max models, are not for audiophiles. However, they are great for music lovers who listen to music a lot and often, and just want to make it as convenient as possible. Do you agree?

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