Google announced this Tuesday (14): artist Gilberto Gil wins a virtual museum available on Google Arts & Culture. According to Fábio Coelho, the company’s president in Brazil, this is the largest collection of a living artist available on the platform. The collection also includes: an unreleased 1982 album recorded entirely in English has disappeared.

The novelty is part of the commemoration of Gilberto Gil’s 80th birthday, which took place on June 26, and was launched the year the artist was sworn in at the Brazilian Academy of Letters. The collection includes 41,000 images, 140 chapters and 900 digitized videos and recordings.

official Gil’s Rhythm, the collection can be accessed from a dedicated page of Google Arts & Culture. The suggestion is that the internet user can navigate Gil’s orbit by making available documents, photos, videos and other material from his career. The material was produced in partnership with the Gilberto Gil Institute.

Surprise to find the album

The album in question was found by researchers Chris Fuscaldo and Ricardo Schott and is now fully available on the Google platform. “I already had the drive and curiosity to go back to this album and finally reconcile with it and release it, but then the record disappeared. It’s out now!” said Gil. The now digitized disc was found on a K7 cassette..

The show itself is divided into three parts: music, people, and international impact. The first goes through its artistic trajectory and recalls its discography, history and compositions. Second, it covers the artist’s biography and brings important photographs and reports on his family’s influence. Third, it focuses on the moments when Gil moves between musical genres.

Source: Tec Mundo

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