Since this Tuesday, dozens of users have taken to social networks like Twitter and Reddit to share their failure on Instagram. The problem is that the stories are repeated every time they enter the ‘app’.regardless of whether they have already been consumed.

This error only occurred on the iOS version, namely iPhones.

Not surprisingly, the networks were flooded with memes and reactions that brought a smile to the annoying bug that came with the update released two days ago.

In this context, Meta spokesperson Christine Pai told specialist media ‘The Verge’ on Tuesday: Instagram was aware of bugs in the app and he said he is working on a quick solution that is now available.

If you are one of the people affected by this error, You must download the latest update of the Instagram ‘app’Released this Wednesday morning.

To make sure you are using the latest version of this social network, you should go to the App Store and search for the Instagram app. You have two items there that can confirm if you need an update.

The first is the traditional ‘Update’ button. The second is the version number of the app, which should be 239.1 on your mobile.

Source: Exame

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