Google takes unprecedented action in Brazil will facilitate seek food distribution points and solidarity kitchens across the countryHighlight these locations in the Maps app. The initiative, announced on Tuesday 14th and Tuesday, is run in partnership with the NGO Ação da Cidadania.

According to big technology, the goal is to create a network of solidarity. helping people in situations of social vulnerability. User can find free food delivery places nearby, they also function as collection centers for donations.

Institutions highlighted in the search engine and map platform are verified by the NGO. So far, more than a thousand points have been registered on the national territory that can serve the most needy population.

“We hope the new feature will make a difference by connecting solidarity food webs with those who want to donate food or help those in need with a plate of food,” said Ivan Patriota, Partnership Manager for Google Maps Latin America. He stressed that this is just one part of a larger effort to help the vulnerable population.

How to find solidarity kitchens

Firstly, catering and food delivery locations participating in the action can be found in a temporary filter in the main menu. google maps app. Another option is to type terms like “solidarity kitchen”, “solidarity kitchen near me” or “food bank” in the search box.

In addition to visualizing the names of institutions, their location on the map, their addresses and phone numbers in the search results, it is possible to follow the best routes to reach them.

Institutions interested in joining the initiative should register on the Citizenship Action website. The project is for solidarity kitchens, food banks and pantries coordinated by non-governmental organizations/leaders and non-profit organisations.

Source: Tec Mundo

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