The largest map of the Milky Way ESA Gaia has become even more complete. In the third edition, the map updated the details of 6 1.8 billion stars with x x f nearby data, and m..zz. The Gaia project began in 2013 with the goal of compiling the most complete 3D map of the Milky Way. In 2016, the first issue was made with a description of 1.1 billion stars. In 2018, almost 600 million stars were added to the second issue and the nature of their movement was described. In 2020, the trajectory of the solar system relative to the center of galaxies is expected.

The updated map packs 1.8 billion stars with x lasalk, chemical composition, temperature, mass and age. Of these, for 1.5 billion there is a description of the increase, color, distribution and movement. Spectroscopy of light with various infections for 475.6 million stars is given. This method makes it possible to determine the temporature, mass, age, color, chemical coVESPA. Closer to the center of the Milky Way usually contain more metal than marginal ones. It helps the development of stars in rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

In addition, Gaia captures starquakes – a vast stellar surface. Also, for 33 million stars, a calculated linear velocity was made – the speed with which a star moves along the earth’s surface or away from it, which is the celestial volume of the stellar motion model, instead of simply fixing the position along a flat dome. There are also 813,000 systems with two stars that revolve around each other.

Gaia also contains information about 156,000 asteroids and 31 planetary satellites of the solar system. of the Milky Way, the map contains information about another 2.9 million clusters with a description of their difference, color, shape and history of formation, as well as about 1.9 million quasars with the magnitude of their difference, selection and color.

Source: Tech Cult

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