The founder of the Rolf company, Sergei Petrov, called Vladimir Putin’s decree on the transfer of shares to the temporary management of the Federal Property Management Agency “legal anarchy” and “a shot in the foot.”

Rolf founder Sergei Petrov called the transfer of assets to the Federal Property Management Agency illegal

On Friday, December 22, a decree of the President of the Russian Federation was published on the transfer of shares of Rolf Motors and Rolf Estate St. Petersburg, owned by Rolf JSC (99%) and Cyprus Delance Limited (1%). , as well as Rolf Tech” (100% owned by JSC Rolf), Rosimushchestvo.

Former deputy and owner of the company Sergei Petrov, commenting on the decision to RBC, pointed out the risks of such a step in terms of attracting investments. Even from Asia.

“The State is shooting itself in the foot in the face of its already ruined institutions. Obviously, this is complete legal chaos. “I don’t know how the Asian investors we are now waiting for will invest in Russia, nor how our investors will continue to invest and think long-term,” Petrov said.

He added that he intends to consult with lawyers and consider the possibility of resorting to international courts.

Petrov was the subject of criminal proceedings along with several senior managers of the company in 2019. They are suspected of having illegally withdrawn almost 4 billion rubles from abroad.

According to the businessman, he is not interested in the progress of the investigation, since he has been living in Europe for a long time.

“I don’t care what they play,” Petrov concluded.

In 2023, Vladimir Putin made similar decisions on the assets of Denmark’s Carlsberg and France’s Danone.

Earlier, Germany’s Prosecutor General’s Office began considering the possibility of using frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov responded by threatening to take parallel measures.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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