Nowadays, there are various tools that allow you to create images using Artificial intelligence (AI). While many require a subscription, there are free options such as Microsoft Bingwhich includes DALL-E 3. Want to know how to use it? Read on to start creating images with AI today.

How does Microsoft Bing work with DALL-E 3?

Microsoft’s Bing search engine includes chat features and an artificial intelligence image creator. Through its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft has become a pioneer in integrating the advanced artificial intelligence system DALL-E 3 into its products. This means that you can use any of the mentioned features of this tool for free.

The great thing about DALL-E 3 is that it goes a step further than its previous versions, offering more creative images with greater precision and better photorealism capabilities.

How to Create AI Images for Free in Microsoft Bing

Generating images using Microsoft Bing is very easy. In addition to being a free tool, you don’t need to be using Microsoft Edge or have an OpenAI account to use it. You just need to log into your regular web browser and come up with creative AI tips. To start creating images, follow these steps.

Step 1: go on the website chat or to Bing Image Generator. In this last option, you need to register to access the AI ​​tool. Click Join and create to complete the process.

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Step 2: Type your question or tip into the text box. Then click Enter on your keyboard if you’re in a Bing chat, or press Create if you are using Bing Image Builder. This will create four image options for you to choose from.

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Step 3: To save the image, click on it and press the button Dismiss this appears below the direction you gave. That’s all!

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How to give directions to artificial intelligence in Microsoft Bing

Even if you type a vague description into Microsoft Bing, you still have a good chance of creating an interesting image. This is because DALL-E 3 interprets what you enter and creates suggestions for you from an internal perspective. However, we recommend that your readings be as descriptive as possible to ensure the accuracy of the result.

The more specific your testimony is, the better the result will be. It’s helpful to think of it as a detailed description of the look you have in mind. Includes adjectives, nouns and verbs that describe the subject’s image and actions. You can also specify whether you want a cartoon, painting, photograph, or 3D rendering.

The Bing image generator recommends the following format for suggestions: noun + adjective + verb + style. For example: “Orange, fluffy cat playing drums, digital art.”

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On the other hand, if you use Bing Chat, you can continue to improve the image by adding more queries. You don’t have to repeat the original request because your instructions are cumulative. For example, you could make a follow-up request like, “Can you remake the first image, this time in a cartoon style?”

Limitations of DALL-E 3 and Microsoft Bing

You’re probably wondering what the fine print is when using Microsoft’s AI tool, since it’s a free service with no queues or restrictions.

If you use Bing’s image generator to create AI images, you’re limited to 25 free Boost credits, replenished every week. Each credit is used to create an image in approximately 30 seconds; After a sale, this process may take about 5 minutes.

Image used with permission of the copyright holder

On the other hand, with the advent of DALL-E 3, Microsoft Bing has increased moderation and security measures, which some people may consider limiting. One of them is that AI suggestions should not include the names of public figures.

Additionally, artists who do not want their images used for DALL-E training can now take OpenAI Disclaimer Form. This way they can ensure that your image does not become part of the AI’s training set.

Be that as it may, these limitations are not really a barrier to using this powerful tool. While creation speed may vary, Microsoft Bing remains a valuable option for AI image creation, delivering impressive and creative results.

Source: Digital Trends

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