The AFWERX laboratory has awarded a contract to Aerokos.mic which is a specialized version of the drone, the method Do not place trucks within a distance of less than 560 kilometers. The company chose the order after “it sounded like me,” it used the same drone glider for daytime civilian and military missions.

The drones and their leading lines are large in size – 68.0 kilograms. They are not exposed to the same materials, they are removed from the surface and removed from the surface. The length of the pole is relatively small and amounts to two kilograms of a meter, which is not so cheap and easy to assemble. In addition, their reuse is permitted. When ready for operation, Silent Arrow plans to use its range at least 10 times by equipping it with a motor and propeller.

In addition, many foreign Poles and ships without the need for additional training. Like the original, the new drone is now in use. The CEO of Silent Arrow Chip was used by his approved testing partners and stated that he is ready to put the engines into testing already in the first half of 2024 in order to begin flight tests in the second half. The novelty was not led by anyone, not by the rescuers and the humanitarian personnel. work.

Source: Tech Cult

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