The global SSD market is expected to undergo changes in 2024. According to the TrendForce report, the product category is There will be a significant increase in sales prices This rate may reach 50% by the end of the year.

According to the survey, where does this change come from? NAND Flash memoriesIncluding brands such as SAMSUNG, Kioxia, SK Hynix This Micron, are the current market leaders. The increase is a reversal from what was seen in 2023, when SSDs became cheaper.

The reason for the first price increase planned for the coming quarters is It should be around 40%is to enable suppliers to reach the so-called target audience. break even. This is a company’s equilibrium point, meaning expenses and earnings are at the same level.

Immediately, Brands seek to increase their profitsAnother 10% price increase is planned for a second, yet-to-be-defined moment.

SSD market remains unstable

According to TrendForce, the SSD industry is still going through a sensitive period. Price decline in 2023 setting the segment was not enough and the profitability of this component is still low compared to DRAM memory modules.

Therefore, in addition to the increase in sales values, It is possible that some companies will reduce production of NAND Flash memorieswhich are the basic components of SSD.

This displacement must be carried out by the producers until they find the desired supply and demand point. So it is possible for these devices to become a little rarer.

Right now, Samsung is the leader in this sector with 31.4% market share. The company is followed by SK Group (20.2%), Western Digital (16.9%) and Kioxia (14.5%).

Source: Tec Mundo

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