Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch Avatar Shopvirtual boutique where you can buy clothes to dress up your 3D avatar for the metaverse. The meta points to the same strategy we see in online games, where buying clothes for your character is essential to distinguish them from other players in the virtual world. The store will be available from next week with clothing from Balenciaga, Prada and Tom Brown.

Zuckerberg showed off several outfits with Eva Chan, the head of Instagram’s fashion business. Designer clothes can be used in 3D avatars on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Dress up your avatar in Balenciaga or Prada you have to pay real money, How is it with cosmetics? Fortnite or other games with micropayments.

While the Avatar Store will debut with clothing from three selected brands, Meta has announced that it will bring other designers together in the future. The company plans to open it for any developer can create clothes and sell them in the Metaversea business where Facebook will make sure to keep a percentage of every transaction.

There are no important details yet, such as the cost of each facility or availability on its VR platform. Avatar Shop will be available in Mexico, USA, Canada and Thailand. over the next week. Since the 3D avatar is supported on all meta platforms, you’ll be able to show off your outfit in profile pictures, stickers, and later in the metaverse.

Real money to dress up your Meta-Metaverse avatar?

The meta game is important, and while many wonder if anyone is wearing virtual clothes for real money, just analyze the success of this scheme in video games. The micropayment economy allows you to play free to play be profitable. To avoid criticism and imbalance, many developers limit this feature to items used to dress up your avatar (cosmetics).

In games like World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs your character is the most important and you must not only equip him with the best weapons, but also with uniforms. AT fantasy star online 2 or even fate 2where players spend hours chatting in the lobby or certain areas, appearance is a priority, so getting flashy weapons or armor is critical.

The point is that Meta no reliable implementation of your avatars yet which invites people to spend real money. The current design falls somewhere between the Mii and what Rare created for the Xbox 360 over a decade ago. technological you will have to step on the gas to improve themsince there’s no point in paying for a Tom Brown uniform if the only place you can show it off is in your profile picture or Instagram sticker.

Source: Hiper Textual

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