This highly anticipated headset will be available in the USA on February 2, and pre-orders will begin on January 19.

Priced at $3,499, Vision Pro offers users a 4K display for each eye and the ability to switch between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) using a special dial on the side of the headset.

The device runs on a dual-chip system that includes Apple’s proprietary M2 processor and the new R1 chip, designed to process data from onboard sensors, cameras and microphones.

Since the device supports eye, head and hand tracking, users can operate the interface without the need for any controller.

The base Vision Pro model with 256GB of storage comes with a variety of accessories, including Solo Mesh Tape and Dual Loop Tape, seals to improve light insulation, Vision Pro case, polishing cloth, battery, USB-C charging cable, and a power adapter.

The Vision Pro runs on the VisionOS operating system, which Apple says is compatible with most iPhone and iPad apps without the need for additional development work.

Source: Ferra

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