instagram This could add a pretty useful feature for those who like to record videos. A new feature automatically translates subtitles of your videos show them in another language, which will help more people access the content.

Reels’s translation was discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, famous The source of information which leaked features like Instagram’s ChatGPT. A user posted a screenshot on his X (Twitter) account showing this option. Automatically translate subtitles In chapter Availability.

Display subtitles in another language Be sure to activate the “Show subtitles” function.. This will automatically generate text for your Reels that people with hearing impairments can read. Let’s remember that subtitles in videos are very useful in those cases when we cannot increase the volume on our mobile phone.

Instagram currently offers auto-generated captions, but they are only available in English. This feature It is also available on TikTok. and it’s turned on by default as the social network strives to reach all audiences with features that promote inclusivity. Other platforms that use automatic captioning include Facebook and YouTube; the latter is also with automatic translation.

Subtitles aren’t the only new feature coming to the Meta platform. In accordance with Paluzzi, Instagram will allow you to enlarge your profile photos using the zoom gesture (scaling). While the app already offers the ability to zoom in on a user’s photo, it’s not possible to zoom in, so this integration would be welcome.

Instagram continues to focus on video

Instagram Stories

The possible arrival of automatic captions on Instagram makes it clear that the platform’s focus is on video. A few weeks ago, the social network welcomed artificial intelligence with new AI-generated story backgrounds. Thanks to this, users can create wallpapers using text instructions.

instagram also added video notes, a feature that allows users to record a short video and write a phrase. They will appear in the notes section available at the top of the direct messages. If one of your contacts posts, you’ll be able to view a video instead of a profile photo.

It’s meta clear that Instagram’s biggest income comes from streaming video. That’s why the company copied the most striking features of TikTok, one of its main competitors. An example of the latter can be seen in audio clips for movies and TV shows on Reels, a feature that debuted in November.

According to Meta’s latest financial report, its family of apps generated $33,936 million in advertising revenue. In 2022 Instagram earned $51.4 billion, equivalent to 45% of Meta’s revenue. during this year. That’s why the company will continue to focus on video content with new features coming in the next update.

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