Express delivery service Samokat began looking for a product manager to create and manage its own brand of home appliances and electronics. Buyers noticed this.

Samokat plans to produce home appliances under its own brand

The company did not comment on the details of the project. From the job description on it follows that the equipment will be produced in China: the candidate must have experience in launching products in Chinese factories and have “knowledge of the small household appliances market.”

RB.RU sent a request to the Samokat press service.

According to Eldar Murtazin, lead analyst at Mobile Research Group, Samokat’s private label will include things that are “extremely easy to produce,” for example kettles, toasters, hair dryers, smartphone accessories, chargers and more.

The analyst believes that although the home appliance and electronics market is saturated, the development of private labels in these categories remains profitable.

Russian brands Vitek and Redmond produce small household appliances in Chinese factories, and Ozon, Wildberries and Yandex with private brands.

Samokat appeared in 2018, it was launched by former top managers Magnit Vyacheslav Bocharov and Rodion Shishkov. In November 2022, the retailer began searching on for managers who would be responsible for the development of the supply of women’s clothing, household appliances and electronics.

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Source: RB

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