Windows 11 weather widget is about to come to Windows 10. Microsoft listed the new feature in the update notes for a test version explaining how the tool will work.

The tool is a complement to MSN Weather, Microsoft’s weather forecast service. Once activated, the accessory appears on the lock screen, displaying weather forecasts (current, maximum and minimum temperature, alerts, location and time).

The new feature can be enabled in the system settings menu by going to: Settings > Personalization > Lock screen > Lock screen status. If the function is already activated, all you have to do is wait.

Available in trials

Currently, the new feature is being rolled out to testers registered with the Windows Insider program in the Release Preview channel (which is closest to the definitive release). This feature is available in Build 19045.3992 (KB5034203) compatible with Windows 10 22H2.

In addition to the new widget, the build also fixes many problems in the operating system.

Now, There is no estimate for the exact release of new features to the general public. But it shouldn’t take long for this to happen.

Windows 10 still attracts Microsoft’s attention

The latest addition shows that Microsoft continues to pay attention to Windows 10 users, despite it not being the operating system’s main product. This change in strategy began to pay off in November 2023, when the company added Copilot to its operating system.

Naturally, the number and frequency of appearance of new features in Windows 10 is much lower than in Windows 1. Likewise, it’s interesting that Microsoft continues to pay attention to folks who decide not to upgrade to the latest platform.

Source: Tec Mundo

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