Company YouTube He continues to take steps to improve his short videos. Shorts. And these improvements are here both for users to enjoy and for creators to have more options to showcase their work. The platform has announced the arrival of a very interesting new option… but it’s not exactly new.

The reason we say this is nothing new among platforms that offer short videos, because the functionality in question is already available in at least one of the most important ones in existence today: TikTok. It is used more and more and is a complete success, leading others to integrate some of their options in order not to lose users. And that seems to be the case.

What’s new in YouTube Shorts

What the company itself conveys is that it’s introducing a tool that lets you embed videos. sounds closed in created videos. This allows creators to improve the experience of boosting deliveries, especially if there is something to know that isn’t clarified in shared recordings. A success, no doubt, because luck increases while producing much more complete Shorts.

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Currently, this option is only iOS app, but very soon Android’s own (and web version) will have the new functionality mentioned above. Also, when included in sounds, the experience closed will be very positive, because only a few a few keystrokes process can be completed. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to achieve this. And that’s something creators have always appreciated.

TikTok became a reference

Different actions that take place on services like YouTube or Instagram, which do not end up including options that existed before. TikToksomething that makes two things clear: first, second, right now directing when it comes to short videos (and that doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon). The other issue has to do with the defensive position the rest of the companies take when perhaps the best option is to forge their own way to differentiate themselves – that’s exactly what TikTok did.

That yes, he has to admit he’s trying to be one to YouTube. the most interesting option for creators, both for the options it offers and because it allows monetizing videos. And here you have options against the competition because other platforms offer lower revenue. Therefore, a migration may occur in search of making more money in a short time.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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