Google and Bing, the world’s most important search engines, prioritize deepfakes non-consensual celebrity porn on their results pages. The main victims are famous women, nude or faked sex scenes generated by artificial intelligence.

Consultation on common terms such as “deepfakes porn” or “fake nudes” returns millions of results about female actors, singers and other entertainers. This happens in both Google and Bing. Some links lead to established pornographic portals, while others lead to sites that specialize in creating this type of false content.

NBCNews He did a more thorough exercise: he looked for the word “deepfakes” next to the names of 36 celebrities. In Google’s main results he found deepfakes non-consensual porn featuring 34 of these women. Fake photos and videos, 35 of them appeared on Bing. More than half of the top results were links to two web portals that advertise themselves as specialized these materials are created using AI.

Sensity, an Amsterdam-based company dedicated to detecting false content, already warned in 2019 that 96% of videos deepfakes on the Internet they were pornographic. In most of them, the victims were women who did not give their consent. All this violence has now intensified with the launch of new artificial intelligence tools.

Google Chrome search engine

deepfakes porn, completely boom artificial intelligence

Investigation NBK reports that a Google search for “fake nudes” returns several links to applications and programs for creating deepfakes because no. These pages appear before articles condemning the damage and danger of this trend.

Copilot, Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chatbot, answered a question on this topic. “usage deepfakes “This is unethical and can have serious consequences.”. However, Bing also offers dozens of apps in its featured results for creating deepfakes.

Google allows victims to request removal of this content from search results through a form. But it doesn’t search or delete deepfakes porn is active. “We only check the URLs that you or your authorized representative submit on the form,” the help page says.

The Google Play Store prohibits “apps that promote or perpetuate clearly misleading or deceptive images, videos, and/or text.” However, it still hosts the FaceMagic app, which was even advertised directly as a tool for creating deepfakes of pornography.

Content appearing at the top of Bing image search results includes blatantly fake photos of former Disney Channel teen actresses. “Some of the images featured photographs of their faces that appeared to have been taken before they turned 18,” the report said. NBK.

Artificial Intelligence Scalable Microsoft-Bing

What are Google and Microsoft saying?

“We understand how distressing this content can be for people affected by it, and we are actively working to make search more secure,” a Google spokesperson said. NBK. The technology company explained that, like any search engine, they index all content that exists on the web. “But we actively design our rating systems to avoid surprising people with unexpectedly explicit or harmful content that they are not looking for,” they added in a statement.

“As this space evolves, we are in the process of building out broader protections, with a particular focus on eliminating the need for known victims to request content removal one by one.”

Google representative.

Last August, Microsoft clarified that it believes That deepfakes porn in the category of intimate images without consent (NCI). Like Google, the company has a form that allows victims to report this type of content.

“The distribution of NCII is a serious violation of privacy and personal dignity, with devastating consequences for victims,” a company spokesperson said. “Microsoft prohibits NCII on our platforms and services, including soliciting NCII or promoting the production or distribution of intimate images without the consent of the victim.”

The responsibility to stop this cruel practice does not lie solely with search engines. Pornhub, the largest porn site in the world, created since 2018, deepfakes It was non-consensual porn. This type of material has since been banned.. And in Mexico City, for example, a bill is being discussed that seeks to punish anyone who creates false intimate content using artificial intelligence with up to 12 years in prison.

Source: Hiper Textual

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