The external SSD in the transparent case is M.2 2280 – in this case an OEM Gen4 Micron 3400 2TB drive. Passive cooling like the X10 Pro delivers high performance in a compact form factor. This bridge-based design is expected to become the norm for high-end external SSDs.

The USB4 Desktop SSD takes a different approach, with active fan cooling and a single high-capacity U.3 SSD (8TB in demo). Designed to be stackable and require external power, this product potentially redefines the performance and stability of USB4 SSDs, AnandTech writes. In this design choice, priority is given to maximum speed.

Uncertainties and Considerations: It is not yet known whether these prototypes will come to market in their current form. The thermal characteristics of an external fanless SSD and the power characteristics of a desktop SSD require further study.

Source: Ferra

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