After years of investing Microsoft Edgeyour fastest and most secure browser, Microsoft finally put an end to history Internet Explorer. Or would it just be “semicolon”? After all, somehow the legendary browser lives on – and today TecMundo will show you how keep using IE Even after the program is stopped.

It’s no secret that MS is a company that aims to provide solutions for companies and business environments. And it’s quite common for companies to have their own internal networks, which are usually accessed using an internet browser such as IE. Considering situations like this, Microsoft added: Internet Explorer Mode in Edgethis ensures that internal networks (as well as external networks) are still accessed without major problems even in the updated browser.

How to Enable Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge

Now that we know that there is a possibility to use the old browser in the new browser, it remains to know exactly how to activate and use it. Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge. The procedure is quite simple and you can check it step by step below:

  1. With Microsoft Edge open, three points in the upper right corner;
  2. then click settings.

Enabling IE Mode in Edge can be done in Default Browser option

  • On the settings screen, select the option default browser in the left side menu.

Need to enable IE mode in Internet Explorer compatibility screen in Edge

  1. In Default Browser settings, under Internet Explorer CompatibilitySelect “Allow” in IE mode permission option;
  2. press button Restart so the browser will automatically close and reopen with the new compatibility setting enabled.

When IE mode is enabled, it is possible to load websites as if they were opened in Internet Explorer.

  • When the browser reopens, with compatibility enabled, navigate to the website you want to open and select from the three-dot menu Reload Internet Explorer mod.

It is also possible to configure the browser to open the page in IE mode on the next visit.

  1. When the browser reloads the page, the Internet Explorer icon will be displayed in the address bar. You can choose to open the site by clicking there. compatibility mode;
  2. You can also choose the option to open the page. Internet Explorer mode automatically when you visit the site again

How to Exit Internet Explorer Mode in Edge

If you decide Disable IE mode The good news in Microsoft Edge is that the procedure is even simpler than activating it. No need to navigate through different menus and options, just click a button.

Browser lets you exit IE mode quickly and easily

  • When you no longer want to use Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode in Microsoft Edge, simply click the button. Open in Microsoft Edge.

Ready! now you know how Enable and disable IE mode In Microsoft Edge to access websites in Internet Explorer whenever you want or need it!

Source: Tec Mundo

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