Of course, these cases are most often bought only because they look very funny. However, they are also quite functional: they protect the seats and help keep you warm in the cold season.

The covers in the shape of monkeys are made of faux fur, so they do not feel cold even after the car has been parked outside for a long time in winter. For example, at the end of the working day or in the morning.

In short, it’s quite a useful accessory, so it’s not entirely true that it’s game. This is a thing, nothing else!

▶︎ Buy: 3 500 3,100 rub.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the main feature of these covers is a great mood when using each car. In this sense it is difficult to argue.

In addition, they have also thought about comfort points of view. They are soft and cozy, liked by the younger generation and generally pleasant to use not only in winter, but also in summer.

Place the covers in a convenient bag in which you can store them during the warm season if you don’t want to use them in the summer.

In the linings, artificial high quality fur is abundantly used, which in fact does not differ in its properties from natural fur. He is not only warm, but also mysterious.

The size of each cover is 55×145 cm. The fastenings are universal, so the covers should be taken for almost any car with rare exceptions.

In general, a funny set that you can buy for yourself or as a gift. He’s definitely worth it.

▶︎ Buy: 3 500 3,100 rub.

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