The optimal XMP profile for AMD-based systems with Zen 2 and Zen 3 architecture is 3600 cl16. Ideally, you should find two 16GB modules of RAM. This could be, for example: G.Skill RIPJAWS V. Although its radiators are not the best, they have the necessary XMP. True, for two 16 GB DDR4 modules you will have to pay more than 10 thousand rubles.

Alternatively you can purchase Kingston Fury Beast DDR4. Here two 16 GB memory modules will be half price.

Either way, you can trust the 3466−3800 cl16.

You can also buy ADATA D series RAM. ADATA D20 DDR4 3600, D41 3600, D50 etc.

Another option – Kingston FURY Renegade 32GB. These two 16GB modules come with excellent coolers and overclockable chips.

Intel i3−1100F/i5−11 400/i5−12 400/i5−13 400/i5−13 500 etc. If you are the owner, you have two options. You can configure the RAM manually or purchase XMP 3200 MHz 16×2 GB modules. In the second case, almost any option with 3200 cl16 will work, even ADATA D20.

For sub-max performance at 12600K, 13900K, if you need good RAM and money is no object, do this G.Skill Trident Z (16x2GB, 32GB) with 3200 cl14.

A cheaper model but with good overclocking potential – Kingston FURY Renegate (2 modules of 32 GB, 16 GB).

RAM with 6000 cl30 has an excellent XMP profile and overclocking potential, making it suitable for AMD and Intel systems without the K index. For example, ADATA XPG Lancer Knife (16×2 GB, 32 GB) and so on. Sometimes it can be even more profitable to purchase them as individual modules in DNS.

For overclocking models Patriotic Viper Poison If you want to manually configure the RAM, it is worth getting 6600, 6700, 6800, 7000, 7200 MHz and above.

Among the budget options for DDR5 RAM, you can take a closer look at: KingBank XMP EXPO From 6800 MHz (2×16 GB, 32 GB) or 6400 MHz. Buy these with the expectation that you will need to reduce the frequency to 6200 or 6000 MHz or adjust it manually.

There are also non-binary RAM options such as 24 GB in a single module. Perfect for Intel and AMD in this case ADATA XPG Lancer Knife 6000MHz (24x2GB, 48GB). Take only Intel with K index in ADATA XPG Lancer Blade 6400 cl32.

If you need 64 GB, then look ADATA XPG Lancer c 6400 cl32, chip – HX A-die. If you need 96GB of RAM, you can get Intel. Tool Group DDR5 6800 cl36 (2x48GB). In this case, the possibility of stable operation at this frequency will depend on the motherboard and processor. Might also be suitable for AMD G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5 6400 cl32 With HX M-die chips (will run in XMP).

Source: Ferra

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