According to a recent survey by Robovoice (Skolkovo resident), more than two-thirds (69%) of Russians cannot distinguish whether they are having a phone conversation with an AI-based robot or a real person.

This result shows a significant improvement in the quality of the audio technology and the improvement of the scripts.

Interestingly, more than half of those surveyed (42%) want to know who they are talking to: a real operator or his or her virtual counterpart.

However, for a third of respondents (31%), this is not so important because the quality, speed and efficiency of the service are more important to them.

However, more than a quarter (27%) of respondents prefer to communicate only with live employees.

The survey also found that 38% of respondents believe it is important for a robot’s voice to closely mimic a human voice, while 26% prefer a slight variation to avoid the discomfort of speaking to a robot unexpectedly.

These results highlight that people are becoming more comfortable with voice bots, which are increasingly used not only for outgoing calls but also to manage incoming calls in call centers.

Source: Ferra

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