ItovVS But suspiciously quickly disappeared from the newly appeared manifestations and now it became clear why. The miracle did not happen, the imitation AI confirmed that it only creates illusions, and not a really demanded product. And capitalize on this extraordinary problem.

Foul spoiled GPT-4 to create a new brand and move it with this income, but at the same time he did not collect private AI obediently chose the popular niche of environmentally friendly kitchen appliances, helped create a gadget logo for a new company, gave advice on buying targeted advertising in social networks. And at the same time, he met the appointed budget of 100 dollars – there was even some money left.

Joyful Fall announced the very next day that he had raised $1,378 in investments in his startup from enthusiastic Twitter followers, but then abruptly fell silent. According to FOLLA Fall of Greathouse, the real earnings of a startup are only $109 per week. Indeed, it is difficult to sell something that does not exist. And even with the help of advanced AI, making money on advertising and hype is not so easy. As it turned out, Fall was generally lucky, as he already had a sufficient number of subscribers on social networks, who responded to the novelty.

There is a reasonable suspicion that there is no delay in the business of foul and n. There is currently an explosion of incredible popularity. And since this has been repeatedly in the story, moreover, I will see that it is not worth it. Shovels.

Source: Tech Cult

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