One of the few things unknown about his arrival. Telegram Premium this is the day it will happen. Well, we don’t have to wait any longer because this snap app of the famous messaging service has been a reality since its release was officially announced.

This is an improvement that comes with advanced options compared to those offered by default by the free Telegram app (protected without removing anything). To access them, you have to pay a monthly fee in the purest Netflix style available at our data. 5,49 €. So, if you are one of those who use this development heavily, you have one more option to achieve more of it and even to be different from the others (by the way, there are no compatibility issues between the two versions). application).

Cool innovations coming to Telegram Premium

We show below top news you can find in the app we mentioned, which may make you consider accessing it instead of sticking with the free option. These are as follows:

  • 4GB is coming: Instead of being able to upload files up to 2GB, this amount doubles in Telegram Premium. Therefore, you can work with large files (including multimedia) much more efficiently.
  • Higher download speed: In this section, the restrictions of the servers are over and Premium account holders can enjoy the maximum Internet access they have. A great advantage when using the application professionally.
  • Convert speech to text: Text messages are converted to voice at the touch of a button. So if you can’t listen to anything but can read, you can do that with this feature.
  • More customization: This is achieved through various additions such as more reactions or having special stickers for those with Telegram Premium accounts. This way you will be different. Even profile photos can have animated options.
  • no ads: If you have a paid account, small advertising messages appearing on sponsored ones are a thing of the past and therefore you will never see them again. An increase in privacy, indeed.
4GB file in Telegram Premium


Some duplicate options

This is most of the limits available on Telegram multiply by two. An example is groups and channels can reach up to 1,000 users or have up to 20 public links of type Also, this happens with stored GIFs or pinned chats.

Convert audio to text in Telegram Premium


You should add to all this that you can use different and unique icons in Telegram Premium. And also includes a advanced chat management with new tools like the use of unread messages or the ability to use a dedicated folder for each conversation.

Something for everyone

At the same time as the announcement of the premium version of Telegram, the company announced that they are also included. new options in the free version. Some are a new preview of chats; the use of bots is optimized; as well as new options for managing public access to groups (eg requests).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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