In Russia, a bill is being prepared according to which senior bank managers will be banned for 10 years for repeated data leaks. The Central Bank participated in the work on the document.

Bank senior managers may begin to be suspended for 10 years for data leaks

The bill provides for the introduction of special requirements for the qualifications and business reputation of vice presidents of financial organizations responsible for information security (IS).

According to Izvestia, which has read the text of the bill, it is proposed to punish senior bank managers more harshly for violations of security rules, if this leads to the leak of personal data or banking secrecy. In particular, it is proposed to remove permanent representatives from their positions for 10 years.

If the bill is passed, the new stricter rules will affect not only banks, but also insurance companies, pension funds and microfinance organizations.

The document, prepared with the participation of the Central Bank, was criticized by the National Council of the Financial Market (NCFM). The organization points out that the new requirements introduce a ban due to the very fact of violations.

According to the head of the NSFR, Andrei Emelin, with the current version of the bill, the connection between human activity and rape may be completely absent. For example, if one of the subordinates leaked the database and the manager was not involved in the incident.

The NSFR also warned that stricter requirements and disproportionately harsh punishments will only aggravate the situation due to the shortage of specialized specialists in the market. The organization proposes reducing the disqualification period from 10 to 3 years.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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