Yandex has added to the Masterpiece application the ability to change photographs and images using the YandexART neural network. Eight “filters” have been added to the service. This was reported by the press service of the technology company.

Yandex added “filters” to stylize images in the “Masterpiece” application

Now images, including photographs, can be stylized as stuffed and knitted toys, cartoon frames, pixel art and a paintbrush.

Also, thanks to YandexART, you can add a neon glow or winter atmosphere to the image. You can also decorate the image with colorful flowers.

How do filters work?

For each request, “filtrums” using YandexART redraw the image in the specified style, but retain key elements to maintain similarity to the original.

Modified images can be posted to the Masterpiece feed or downloaded to post on social media.

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The company also announced new creative modes in Masterpiece. Additionally, the application will add the ability to create your own image processing modes using text queries.

Yandex introduced the YandexART broadcast neural network in fall 2023.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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